Thing that You know About Civil engineering Before Apply it


Thing that You know About Civil engineering Before Apply it into university.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a branch of Engineering that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of physical infrastructure, such as roads, canals, dams, airport drainage systems, pipelines steel, construction and railways etc.


Will the world be the same if there are no engineers?

The engineering education in the world is not a new thing and it is another group, what can we say now we are going to touch on the Civil Engineering sector!

. Civil Engineering is a branch of Engineering that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of physical infrastructure, such as roads, canals, dams, airport drainage systems, pipelines steel, construction and railways e.t.c.

Also, it is a branch of science that deals with infrastructure and those that citizens need such as housing, transportation and working conditions, among others.


The sector includes the experience of planning, designing, decorating and ensuring the quality of modern and past buildings, also Civil Engineering includes the part of water ways in the city and farms and efforts to improve the environment.
Civil Engineering is a discipline designed to study the purpose of calling, building and maintaining infrastructure systems and services. The sector is divided into different branches, due to the importance and breadth of Civil Engineering.

Moreover, a degree in Engineering allows students to work with the construction industry and manage the business and financial sectors. Some engineering companies in the United States claim that there is no country that will continue to be ignorant of engineers or engineering. Civil engineering is at the forefront when it comes to engineering in the world.

It’s not just a pleasure or a love of Civil Engineering, it’s a thing to be proud of. It’s a part of it that everyone who studies it has many job opportunities, especially considering that students don’t have to do government work. They’ll get a lot of money. while their work is always needed.

✓The Civil Engineering Department includes different categories at the level of Certificate, Diploma, PGD, Degree, Masters and Phd:

Bsc. Science in Civil Engineering

B.E Engineering in Civil Engineering

B. Tech. In Civil Engineering.

Masters Section:

M. Tech in Civil Engineering

M.Tech in Transportation Engineering

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Engineering in Water Resources

Infrastructure Engineering and Management

Civil engineering law

Construction engineering

Excavation engineering

Municipal engineering

Municipal engineering

Public health engineering

Transport engineering

Water engineering

Msc. In Civil Engineering

M.E Of Civil Engineering

M. Tech. In Civil Engineering


M. Phil in Civil Engineering.

Phd. In Civil Engineering

Diploma Section:

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Advance Diploma in Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering students gain experience in a variety of fields including:

Technical and Mathematical Proficiency

•Problem-Solving Skills

•Organizational Skills

•Communication Skills

Numeracy and IT skills

• Data Interpretation Skills

The major Areas That Civil Engineering Students Experience and Manage Their Careers:

“Building, Planning And Construction

in this field, students are taught the methods of building works according to plans and specifications such as residences, schools, colleges, hospitals, government offices, mosque towers and industries, etc., this part now it is very important because of the increase in population and the growth of every country (Country) in the world

•Advance Construction

(Major Constructions) This includes the highest levels of Planning and Construction with creative techniques and the construction of major projects such as bridges, tunnels, dams, water stations, power stations, etc., in order to ensure welfare and the sustainable stability of the community A comprehensive study of this part expands the work of the engineer (Civil Engineer)
Structural Engineering

This can be said to be a modern part of Civil Engineering because it includes “furniture  building” and the use of advanced computer software in managing, planning and designing.

Town Planning Planning and Beautifying Cities’

This is an important goal for Civil Engineering to plan and ensure that every part of the city is in order and this includes every part of every thing in the city such as residential houses, schools, hospitals, commercial areas, parks and experts. anti to ensure a good environment for the people of the town.
Geotechnical Engineering;

In addition, civil Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering that deals with the collection and testing of soil samples. bridge/construction)

•Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

It includes the design of drainage systems and dams, power stations, pipeline networks, etc. to measure,and ensure that there are no problems or solve problems if there are any, and develop regional or partial water resources for agriculture and power generation. electronic etc

•Environmental Engineering

Engineering for a peaceful environment

This field is related to public health engineering and pollution control through the construction of drainage systems, water distribution plants and waste management and planning roads to avoid congestion or prevent vehicles from helping and saving human life. Firefighters or Ambulance entering the Neighborhoods.

Finally, civil Engineering students always discuss global challenges and work on the development of powerful technology to improve life and reduce pollution in different parts of the world.

And then, some Government Sectors, Private Industries and Civil Engineering Students Can Work or Establish Their Own:

Planning And Design Officer

Structural Engineer

Civil Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer

Site Engineer

Construction Engineers

Project Engineer

Architectural Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

CAD Technician

Environmental Engineer

Civil Engineering Technicians

Assistant Engineer

Senior Engineer

Chief Engineer

City Engineer

Division Leader and Head Deputy Engineer



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