Grocery Courtesy Clerk Roles Providing Visa Sponsorship from Supermarkets Nationwide Australia



Grocery stores across Australia are always looking to fill courtesy clerk roles at their locations nationwide. These entry-level positions provide an excellent opportunity for those seeking Australian work experience while obtaining a visa sponsorship from a major supermarket chain. 

Courtesy clerks, also sometimes called baggers, packers, or grocery baggers, play an important customer service function in supermarkets. While the work primarily involves packing customer purchases into bags at checkout lanes, courtesy clerks interact with shoppers and assist other staff as needed throughout stores. For visa applicants, these entry-level supermarket jobs offer a stable position with an employer willing to sponsor work visas. Let’s explore the process and requirements in more detail.

Technical Considerations of Courtesy Clerk Roles

While courtesy clerk work does not require advanced technical skills, there are some basic technical abilities that are important for job performance. Courtesy clerks must be able to:


Pack groceries efficiently and methodically: Scanning items at checkout and bagging them properly requires attention to detail. Being able to quickly scan UPC codes, separate different types of items, and pack multiple bags simultaneously is important for keeping checkout lines moving smoothly.

Operate cash registers: Most major supermarket chains now use automated checkout systems that courtesy clerks will need to be able to operate. This involves scanning items, taking payments, issuing receipts, and completing simple transactions under the guidance of a checkout attendant. Training is provided but basic computer literacy is beneficial.

Maintain food safety standards: Protocols must be followed for packing perishable and frozen items separately, avoiding cross-contamination between raw meats and produce, and complying with temperature control requirements. Courtesy clerks should understand basic food safety guidelines.

Communicate clearly in English: While many locations may provide training in multiple languages, the ability to read signs, understand instructions, and communicate politely with customers is necessary for all courtesy clerk roles in Australia. A basic working knowledge of English is required.


Technical aptitude, an ability to multitask, and a strong focus are the key skills that allow courtesy clerks to handle the technical aspects of the job successfully while providing excellent customer service. Training will be provided, but candidates should demonstrate these basic technical abilities during the application process.

Grocery Courtesy Clerk Job Duties and Responsibilities

Courtesy clerks play an important support role throughout supermarkets to keep things running smoothly. Their primary duties include:

Pack groceries at checkout: Scanning items, separating according to type, filling bags carefully without squashing delicate items, and keeping checkout lines moving quickly.

Assist checkout attendants: Address customer payment issues, bag overflow items, provide extra bags as needed, and clean checkout areas between customers.

Work cash registers: Scan items, accept payments, and issue receipts when needed to help speed checkout times.

Clean carts and baskets: Collect carts from parking areas and clean and sanitize them between uses by customers.

Sweep aisles and mop: Ensure aisles and common areas are clean for a pleasant shopping experience.

Stock shelves: Help restock shelves with items from delivery trucks or inventory areas as needed.

Assist customers: Answer basic questions, point out store locations, check prices or availability of items, and resolve minor issues and concerns.

Load and unload delivery vehicles: Help move pallets of goods from trucks into storage areas or shelves as new stock arrives.

The job involves substantial amounts of standing, bending, stretching and lifting of bags or boxes up to 20 pounds regularly. Courtesy clerks assist throughout stores and learn all general operations to help wherever needed on any given shift. Strong customer service skills and a willingness to take direction from managers are important attributes for these roles.

Key Employers of Grocery Courtesy Clerks Offering Visa Sponsorship

Most major supermarket chains in Australia employ courtesy clerks and may offer visa sponsorship options. Here are some of the leading grocery retailers to explore:


As Australia’s largest supermarket, Woolworths employs thousands of staff across nearly 1000 supermarket locations nationwide. Their entry-level courtesy clerk roles are ideal for visa applicants, and they actively participate in the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa program to sponsor international workers.


Similar to Woolworths, Coles is one of the largest supermarket chains with over 800 supermarkets across Australia. They also utilize the TSS visa to sponsor courtesy clerks and other entry-level positions in stores. Coles is committed to developing international talent within their workforce.


The growing discount supermarket Aldi is rapidly expanding across Australia and relies on courtesy clerks in all new store openings. Notable is their participation in the Pacific Labour Scheme visa program aimed at supporting workers from Pacific island countries.


As the collective banner for independently owned grocery stores, the banner of IGA supermarkets has locations all over Australia accepting applications for courtesy clerk jobs. Job availability varies by individual owner, but visa sponsorship may be possible through larger participating IGA stores.


As a leading international membership warehouse chain, Costco employs courtesy clerks in all locations across Australia, from Melbourne to Perth. While their visa options focus more on overseas transfers, international applicants can inquire about TSS sponsorship possibilities.

Other Chains

Local chains like Foodworks, Drakes, and independent grocers may also offer courtesy clerk roles and consider visa sponsorship on a case-by-case basis. Applications should be made directly through store locations.

Researching individual supermarket company career websites allows direct access to available job listings along with information on visa application processes specific to each major employer. Maintaining an open application on file can help connect with new opportunities as they arise nationwide.

Qualification Requirements

The following are typical qualification requirements that most supermarket employers expect courtesy clerk candidates to meet:

  • High school diploma or equivalent education completed
  • Minimum age of 16 years old
  • Valid working visa or citizenship/residency allowing full-time employment
  • Physically capable of lifting/moving grocery bags and boxes up to 20 pounds
  • Strong communication skills in spoken and written English
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including nights, weekends, and public holidays
  • Passion for customer service and a polite, friendly demeanor
  • Reliable transportation is available for commuting to store locations
  • Willingness to start in a part-time or casual position with potential for full-time

While no formal training or technical certifications are typically required, demonstrating strong, soft skills, a work ethic, and a professional manner are highly valued. Being able to start promptly in courtesy clerk roles makes international applicants with sponsorship needs a good fit for supermarket employers.

The Application and Interview Process

Applying for courtesy clerk jobs at supermarkets requires following the standard process:

  1. Search available courtesy clerk job postings on individual supermarket websites or major job boards regularly.
  2. Submit your resume highlighting any relevant experience like retail, food service or customer service. Mention your availability and willingness to start immediately.
  3. Expect to complete an online application providing details on education, visa/work eligibility, and references.
  4. Schedule time for a brief 15-20 minute phone screen to discuss qualifications and interest in the role.
  5. If selected, proceed to an in-person interview at the store location. Dress professionally and come prepared with questions.
  6. Interviews are usually conducted by store managers and focus on past customer service, teamwork examples, and general fit.
  7. Expect to receive an offer within 1-2 weeks by phone or email if selected for the position.
  8. Follow up promptly to accept any job offers made and begin the onboarding process, including visa sponsorship paperwork.

Presenting your communication skills, customer focus, and reliability positively will help impress you during interviews. Highlighting relevant transferable skills and a clear interest in grocery retail can give international candidates an advantage in this competitive job market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grocery Courtesy Clerk Roles

This section addresses five of the most common questions about pursuing courtesy clerk opportunities at Australian supermarkets:

How many hours can I expect to work?

Part-time courtesy clerk roles usually offer between 15-25 hours per week on a flexible schedule. When available, shifts range from morning to evening/night hours and weekends. Full-time roles provide 30-40 hours weekly but are less common for entry-level positions.

What is the typical pay rate?

Base hourly pay rates for courtesy clerks start at the published Award wages, which are currently around $20.33 per hour on weekends and $21.38 per hour on public holidays. Many employers pay a slight premium above these rates based on experience. Overtime may apply for hours worked over 38 in a week.

What are the visa requirements and process?

Major supermarket employers utilize the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) 482 visa which requires a valid job offer to sponsor an international visa applicant. The process involves submitting paperwork, attending medical/police checks and being approved before commencing employment. Employers will guide applicants on details.

What are the long-term career prospects?

While most courtesy clerk roles are part-time entry-level positions, supermarkets provide opportunities to take on additional responsibilities and training. Long-term, staff may be able to transition into roles like:

  • Front-end supervisor/team leader roles overseeing checkout operations.
  • Customer service roles are assisting shoppers around the store.
  • Stocking, receiving, or delivery associate roles in the back of the store.
  • Department specialist roles in produce, deli/bakery, or other areas.

With experience, dedication, and skills development over time, internal promotions allow courtesy clerks to advance their careers within the supermarket industry. Larger stores even have management trainee programs available. Continuing education is always encouraged to maximize potential within growing supermarket companies.


To be considered for current courtesy clerk job openings providing visa sponsorship at Australian supermarkets, please submit your resume and availability on the websites of major employers:

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