FUD Release Cut Off Mark And Online Screenings 2023/2024.




FUD is federal university in  Nigeria, the Federal University Dutse (FUD) stands out as a beacon of knowledge and opportunity. To gain access to this esteemed institution, prospective students must navigate the Cut Off Mark and Screening Exercise, a crucial step in their academic journey. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of FUD Dutse’s admission process, shedding light on the Cut Off Mark and the Screening Exercise.

Understanding the Cut Off Mark:

The Cut Off Mark is the minimum score is 160 point  that every candidate/ aspirant must attain in their Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination to be eligible for admission at FUD Dutse. The specific Cut Off Mark is 160 point and  among different programs. It’s crucial for applicants to keep themselves updated with the latest Cut Off Mark information, which is typically announced by the university and displayed on their official website. Achieving this score is a prerequisite, but it doesn’t guarantee admission.


The Screening Exercise:

Once candidates meet the Cut Off Mark requirement, the next step is the Screening Exercise. This is a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond just the JAMB score. The Screening Exercise includes the evaluation of an applicant’s O’Level results, post-UTME exams (where applicable), and possibly other factors like catchment areas and special consideration for certain categories of students.


Basic need  for Online Screenings.


O’Level Results: As a part of the screening process, candidates must submit their O’Level results, which typically include their WAEC, NECO, or equivalent results. The university evaluates these results to ensure that students meet the minimum subject requirements for their intended course of study.

Post-UTME Examination: In some years, FUD Dutse may require candidates to take a post-UTME examination as part of the screening process. This exam helps the university further assess the academic capabilities of applicants beyond the JAMB score.

Catchment Areas and Special Consideration: FUD Dutse, like many Nigerian universities, may have quotas or preferences for candidates from certain catchment areas. Special consideration might also be given to applicants with disabilities or other special circumstances.

Registration procedure.

1. SCREENING FEE: The screening fee is Two Thousand Naira Only (N2000.00).


2. Registration Procedure: Candidates are required to:

iVisit the University Post UTME/DE Portal

ii. Login with UTME/DE Registration Number and State of Origin:

iii. Update date of birth, email, phone number, state /L.G.A as it is on the UTME/DE

Registration Slip:

iv. Generate Invoice and Remita Retrieval Reference Number (RRR Number);

v. Use the RRR Number to pay N2, 000 PUTME/DE Online Screening fee using any acceptable debit card or pay at any Commercial Bank nationwide, including FUD Microfinance Bank;

vi. Update O’ Level results (not more than two sittings) as well as A ‘level result where vii. Scan and update genuine and authentic copy of O’ Level/A’ Level results and recent applicable; passport photograph;

vii. Print Acknowledgment Slip:

Tips for Success:

Stay Informed: Keep a close watch on the official FUD Dutse website and JAMB updates to know the current Cut Off Mark and any changes in the admission process.

Prepare Diligently: Prepare for your JAMB exams and any post-UTME requirements with dedication and focus. Seek guidance and support if necessary.

Ensure Quality O’Level Results: Make sure your O’Level results are up to the mark. Consult the university’s admission requirements to ensure you meet the necessary subject combinations.

Be Mindful of Deadlines: FUD Dutse’s admission process is time-sensitive. Don’t miss out on application deadlines and submission requirements.

Candidate should visit this website


FUD Dutse admission process, involving the Cut Off Mark and Screening Exercise, is a gateway to quality higher education in Nigeria. Prospective students must be well-informed, adequately prepared, and mindful of the evolving admission criteria to maximize their chances of success. Aspiring scholars should approach this process with dedication and perseverance, for it opens doors to a world of knowledge and personal growth at Federal University Dutse.

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