Development Courses Review: Free Development Courses Topics in 2023


Development Courses Review: If you want to do a development course. So there are many courses related to that. The ones we need to know about. And we can learn. If you are looking for lots of development courses.

So you can read today’s post. And you can get your review. Which courses are taught under the development course? What other courses can we learn?

I will give you information about it. What topics can you learn about with someone within each course? You will also get information about them. You can get the information given in the post in the form of a review. So let’s get started.



There are various topics under the development course. Which are mentioned below as follows.

  • Web Development
  • Data science
  • Mobile development
  • Programming language
  • Game development
  • Software testing
  • Database Design & Development
  • Software engineering
  • Software development tools
  • No coding development

So you can see above. Whatever the topic is, all are related to development. Now, what can you learn from them? get information about them.

Because in which topic we can get information related to that topic. And we can learn from them in a good way. So now I am going to tell you the inside of the topic of all these.



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Table of Contents

Development Courses Review:

Web Development

Web development is also called website development. If you want to learn web deployment. So you can get related courses from this. In which you will be taught programming language. And through that website making will be taught. Like JavaScript, CSS, Angular, PHP, HTML etc.

Data science

If we learn from both data and science from a different point of view, then the source of both of them is huge. Data is a resource. And the science which is today’s technology.

You will get related courses from these. Where you can get information about Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Statics, Natural Neural Networks.

Mobile development

At present, everyone is running a mobile. With this, everyone has a smartphone. So you would never feel that all the mobiles are running. So can we not create the application given in it.

If such a thought is coming into your mind. So you must go through these courses. Where you will be taught to develop mobile applications.


Where you can create applications through google floater. Android app can be made. One can do courses like iso development, swift, etc.

Programming language

At present, the computer is the most used product. It is used in every sector. If you want to get very good information about computers. So it is very important for you to learn a programming language.

For this, you can learn a programming language. Inside it, you will find courses on many topics. Like Python Java, C Plus Plus, HTML, CSS, C Programming, JavaScript, etc. Like programming languages, ​​you can learn.

Game development

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? If you play games too. So have you ever thought of making a game? If you haven’t thought about it, you can’t make it at all. If you have thought.

That I also have to make games. Then this thought must have come to your mind. that how do I learn game documents. So for that, here is a list of the courses you can learn and learn related to game development.


Like Unity, Game Development, Unreal Engine, Game Fundamentals, 3D Games, C Plus Plus, etc.

Software testing

Do you know that software testing is also a kind of job? Where you can earn millions. You will get various courses to get the information related to this.

Like selenium-web driver, java, selenium testing, framework automation testing, API testing, postman, rest assured, etc. You can get information on the above topic. And learn software testing.

Database Design & Development

Meaning of database. That whatever we keep inside the internet. Like content, video, audio, photos, etc., all get stored in the database. Have you ever thought of creating a database?

If so, what do you need to learn? There is information about him on today’s topic. Here you can find SQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL, Apache Kafka, Database Programming, SQL Server, Database Management, etc. can do the course. And can learn database development and design.

Software engineering

There are many engineering courses. Among them, doing software engineering is also a one-way course. If you want to do this course. So you can get to learn in many topics related to this.

Such as Data Structure, Coding interviews, Algorithms, Microservices, Python, Apache Airflow, Spring Boot, etc. You will get information about Inside the software engineering course, you can learn all this inside this course.

Software development tools

We only use the hardware once. But software is used regularly in hardware. With this, we have to update it frequently. So once it is made, then we do not have to do anything in it for a lifetime.

So if you want to make a software development tool. Because we always need tools. So for this, you can do some topics like this. You can get information on topics like Docker, Git, Jira, Continuous Integration, Confluence, etc.

No coding development

If you want to learn anything without coding to develop. So you can learn. You will also get courses related to this. And this course will give you information without coding.

So here you can learn from this course. You can get information on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Elementor, Wix, WordPress, Machine Learning, Web Designing, Software Development, Microsoft Power Application, etc.

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