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Introduction to SLU.


Semester Structure: Sule Lamido University typically follows a two-semester system, consisting of the Harmattan and Rain semesters. The academic year is divided into these two main periods.

Resumption Date: At the beginning of each academic year, students return to campus on a specific resumption date. This is usually in the first week of the Harmattan semester.

Registration Period: Shortly after resumption, students go through a registration process, which includes course selection, payment of fees, and other administrative tasks. This period ensures that students are officially enrolled for the semester.


Academic Sessions: The academic sessions in both the Harmattan and Rain semesters are structured into several weeks of lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions, depending on the program and courses.


Mid-Semester Break: Some institutions incorporate a mid-semester break during each semester, allowing students and faculty a brief respite before continuing with the academic sessions.

Examination Period: Towards the end of each semester, students are assessed through examinations, projects, and assessments. This period typically lasts for a few weeks and is crucial in determining students’ performance.

Holidays and Celebrations: The academic calendar may also include breaks for public holidays and special university events, such as convocations, cultural celebrations, and sports tournaments.


End of Semester: After the examination period, students are given a break before the commencement of the next semester. This break often coincides with the transition from the Harmattan to the Rain semester or vice versa.

Rain Semester: The Rain semester follows a similar structure to the Harmattan semester, with registration, academic sessions, mid-semester breaks, and examinations.

Graduation and Convocation: Towards the end of the academic year, the university may host a graduation and convocation ceremony to honor and confer degrees upon graduating students.

Semester End and Vacations: After the Rain semester’s examinations, students are free to enjoy their long vacation, during which they can relax, engage in internships, or participate in extracurricular activities.

Publication of Results: The university releases results to students after the conclusion of examinations and assessments. This helps students gauge their performance and plan for the next academic year.


Slu It’s important to note that specific dates and details of the academic calendar, including resumption dates, registration deadlines, and examination schedules, may vary from year to year. Therefore, students and faculty are advised to consult the official university website or academic bulletin for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Sule Lamido University’s academic

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