Link To Apply For BBC Abuja Videos Producer 2023


The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC abuja wish to inform that newly recruitment for those who interested in video producer should apply in below link.

We are looking for intelligent/ talented people and motivate in videos produce to be apply in this program to based in FCT Abuja, Nigeria to pitch, develop, motivate, produce, and reversion digital video content in a well place to be taken.

This position will sit to along site digital production and journalism role that generate applicant to innovative and engaging more stories using video produce/recorded.

Steps By Steps


Step 1: click on the link below

Step 2: Write You Fist name in the space give and complete all last name and middle name.

Step 3: write Your Email address in the space.

Step 4: Write unforgettable password and then confirm it then click to summit.


Here is The Role And Responsibility for BBC.

  • This role and responsibility is primarily initiates,  gather and produce materials for least news, current affairs and the general programming for digital platform. Applicant you will be expected to self-shoot edit complete package of your information.
  • Applicant must be taking accurate content and informative.
  • To record the video interviews or any other programs must be original content and you must avoid fake news or fake video record this may affect your work when you completely done your interviews.
  • Use any analytics to inform video of your choice and ensure that the content must be in right format .

Require To Apply for Candidates

  • Candidate must have a credit in his/ her SSCE Examination including English and mathematics and other.
  • Candidate must a have little knowledge of camera/ or videos record this may help you in this program and skill of computers for editing news.
  • Good presence of camera’s and other social media live this also may help you when taking the record.
  • Experience of taking news gathering films and filling video from any filed and proven ability to editing.
  • A knowledge outside the broadcast techniques may help you a lot.

Here is the link to Apply For BBC Abuja.


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