15 Thing That You Know About ABU Zaria

Abu zaria
Abu zaria

What does Abu zaria Means Ahmadu Bello university zaria


Fact About  ABU zaria

1. The school operates two campuses:which consists of Kongo and Samaru. The Samaru Campus is the institution’s main campus which houses/hostel both male and female its administrative buildings and most of its faculties.

2. There are more than 90,000 students in Ahmadu Bello University from different programmes ranging from National diploma and undergraduate UG and postgraduate PGD


3. the Departments of History and Local Government and Development Studies have never produced a first class graduate since before exit of the institution

4. Medicine & Surgery is the most applied course in Ahmadu Bello University. According to the statistics from Ahmadu Bello University in 2016, about 1000 people applied for MBBS and only about 120 people were needed. Civil Law is the second most sought after course in the school.

5. Presently, there are 99 departments in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and 16 Faculties.

6. Before construction of Dangote hall and Shehu Idris Halls, Ahmadu Bello University their is new hostel for the past 40 years.


7. The current Vice-Chancellor (VC) is Professor Kabiru Bala. Prof.miftahu is the Dean Students’ Affairs, and Doctor Ahmed Kundila is the Registrar of the institution Ahmadu Bello University.

8. The distance between Kongo Campus and Samaru Campus using a bus or a car is about 25 minutes almost 3KM. (Google Map)

9. Ahmadu Bello University ABU zaria  is the second largest university in the African continent after the University of Cairo in Egypt.

10. There is one Faculty and one Institute in Kongo Campus
( Faculty of Law Faculty and Institute of Administration).

11. Ahmadu Bello University  ABU zaria is the most secular university in Nigeria. It has students from all parts of state. It also has the highest number of foreign candidates/student.

12. One of the largest muslim Students’ cmosque is located in Samaru Main Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

13. The school has never been shutdown by cult activities or any other cult crisis

14. Kogi state has the highest student population in ABU zaria Follow by Kaduna state student

15. ABU zaria is one of the cheapest federal university in the north part of Nigeria.

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